These images interpret and evaluate my emotional connection and reaction to horticultural decay:
These are images of the relation between botanicals and the glass (or polyethene) that controls, contains, or restrains them;
Images reflecting my connection with, but also separation from, my ‘roots’, as my parents run a horticulture business.

Unless otherwise stated, all these images were made with Linhof Technikardan S45 and Fuji Velvia 50 5x4 slide film.

Broken Blue

Backlit Botanicals (D800E / 85PC-E tilt-shift)

Cyan Glass and Wood

Glasshouse Metal with Vine Leaves (D800E / 24PC-E tilt-shift) 


Japanese Glass (D800E / 85PC-E tilt-shift)

Botanicals 2 (D800E / 85PC-E tilt-shift)

Glasshouse Mood (D800E / 85PC-E tilt-shift)

Face of Glass

Leaf Mysteries

Shard Pathway

Abstract (Blue and Green)

Hokusai's Tears

Glasshouse Interior with Tools


Backlit Botanicals 2

Slow-Motion Waterfall (D800E / 85PC-E tilt-shift)

Frosted Sky (iPhone 6Plus)

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