A series of my favourite tree photographs shot on large-format film and a variety of different film stocks for different atmospheres.  Velvia 50 and black&white can produce moody contrast; Portra 160 colour negative film can produce light ethereality, and I hope to try my luck with more of the latter to balance out the saturated look that Velvia naturally produces.

Beech Tree, Stone Circle, Arran - Isle of Bute, Scotland (Portra 160 10x8)

Sweet Chestnut, Rowsley, Derbyshire (Delta 100 5x4)

Intimate Snowdonia (5x4, Velvia 50)

Blenheim Oak, Oxfordshire (10x8, FP4+)

Oak, Birch, Bracken, Shade, Stanton Moor (5x4, Velvia 50)

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